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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A One-of-a-Kind, Personalized Work of Art!

Fingerprints sculpted in Silver or Gold!

A handmade charm from the actual impression of a loved one's fingerprint.

To Celebrate!
A Birth, A Child, A Marriage, A Friend...
An Heirloom for all!
Parents wear children's fingerprints
Children wear parent's fingerprints
Grandparents wear grandkid's fingerprints
Wives wear husband's fingerprints.

To Remember...
A personal, meaningful way to preserve the memory of a lost loved one.
A tangible piece of someone, completely unique to them. A discreet memento.

To Honor...
A Hero, A Parent, A Grandparent...
Ideal for families with a loved one deployed in the military, in a high risk profession, with a life-threatening illness or simply separated by miles.

The charms can be used more like a medallion or "coin" by eliminating the hole...
a great option for men.

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