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Monday, June 29, 2009

Memorial Jewelry and Inspirational Keepsakes

There isn't a "right" way to cope with a life threatening illness, the loss of a loved one or any other adversity. I believe grief & healing are very personal.

My "Life's Garden" collection was created to encourage your expressions of love, help preserve your treasured memories and provide therapeutic support during your journey through sorrow and healing.

As an artist and a human being, it is of supreme importance to me for my work to have meaning and value. Having the opportunity to touch people’s lives during difficult times is an honor and a privilege.

Customer Comments & Personal Stories

My favorite pieces of jewelry I have EVER had. It is so comforting for me to know that my loved one's fingerprints are with me at all times! I have my three daughters fingerprints in silver and my husband's in gold. I have never had more compliments or inquiries in my life!! You will cherish these wonderful pieces of artwork. Pam is an amazing creator!

Two years ago, my daughter, friend, and only child, was preparing to go away to college. I was so happy to see her entering this very exciting time in her life, while at the same time feeling that it was going to be what would feel like the worst time of my life. The thought of not having her close to me every day was very hard for me to accept. A couple of weeks before she left, we had the privilege of having Pamela make me a fingerprint necklace. Every day, through times of tears, of which there were many, it always put a smile on my face to look in the mirror and see her fingerprint against my neck. What a great comfort! Pamela, thank you again.

I would like to thank you for the recent fingerprint charms you made. As I mentioned, we found a similar item about 7 years ago and ordered one for each of my daughters (7 1/2 years and 6 years). I wear them daily and receive so many compliments! Several years ago, a neighbor suffered a loss of one of her twins during or shortly after birth. She saw my charm and told me how she wished she had known they existed-she would have done one as a keepsake of the twin she lost. It was so touching to me and I often thought about that when I put mine on!
Three years ago, my husband and I also suffered a loss. I delivered our first son at 16 weeks at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was a devastating time and since we had never been through anything like this we had no idea what to expect. We had an awesome doctor and nurse who helped us tremendously through the experience. The entire staff at Elliot Hospital was truly warm and understanding-our nurse and doctor even shed some tears with us! Since then I have talked with many people who have experienced something similar and realize we were so lucky to have the support and resources Elliot had to offer! The staff took pictures on a disposable camera and put it in a memory box giving us the option of having them developed. In that box there was also a tiny hand knit hat, a gown and a "Certificate Of Life" complete with his footprint. We have shed many tears as we look through the box, but have always been so grateful for it! I searched for ways to carry a piece of him with me and found some loss jewelry but never felt at peace with any that I found. Recently we found an ad for your fingerprint charms and ordered one for each of our sons and now I wear all 4 with such pride!
When we spoke you mentioned that you do them for a hospital. I told my husband and we agreed we gladly would have paid for 2 charms to always have a piece of Noah with us! As I mentioned I know my neighbor would have loved that option as well. You also mentioned the valor ones and my first thought was a co-worker of my husbands. In October of 2006, an officer my husband works with was shot and killed. I think had his family been given the option they would have jumped at the chance to get a fingerprint charm of his. I know his mom, his wife and his 2 young boys would have been touched to have something like that. My husband said he believes had the department been aware of this type of thing they, the union or even the officers themselves would be willing to "donate" them to the family. For us, the memory box given to us by the hospital has always been a solid memory we have of Noah. Not that we can't remember him without it, but to have something so lid and "real" makes the grieving process a little easier. The charms for us, would have like carrying a little piece of my him with us-making it that much more real and even more special!
I thank you, again, for doing such a great job and will pass your card on to many!!
-Erin P.

I love my keychain with my daughter's fingerprints. When my wife gave it to me, I was breathless. I appreciate it more now that I am away from my girls, traveling more frequently that I would like. I feel like they are always with me. It is my most precious gift ever. Thanks, Pam!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Silver Fingerprint Designs

Charms hand sculpted in fine silver with the actual impression of your loved one's fingerprint.

The most thoughtful gift...celebrate a new life, remember a lost loved one or honor a hero. only 15 minutes
freeze a moment in time
you and your loved ones will cherish forever!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Inspirational Jewelry

As seen on...
The Today Show, December 6th, 2007

Hot Hollywood gifts: Let the stars be your guide this holiday season

Style Editor Bobbie Thomas' peek at the products stars are crazy about.

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style Editor and author of the Buzz for In Touch weekly, offers some celebrity-favorite gift ideas that will make everyone on your list feel like a star.

Take inspiration from Eva Mendes and create a print of love. Turn your thumbprint into a necklace or keychain for a gift that your friends and family will cherish forever ($95-165; 877-310-8442).

In Touch Magazine
June 18, 2007 issue...


The Unity Fingerprint Charm

The American Valor Collection
...honoring the past, present & future
visit for more information

"Signature Star" Collection

A One-of-a-Kind, Personalized Work of Art!

Fingerprints sculpted in Silver or Gold!

A handmade charm from the actual impression of a loved one's fingerprint.

To Celebrate!
A Birth, A Child, A Marriage, A Friend...
An Heirloom for all!
Parents wear children's fingerprints
Children wear parent's fingerprints
Grandparents wear grandkid's fingerprints
Wives wear husband's fingerprints.

To Remember...
A personal, meaningful way to preserve the memory of a lost loved one.
A tangible piece of someone, completely unique to them. A discreet memento.

To Honor...
A Hero, A Parent, A Grandparent...
Ideal for families with a loved one deployed in the military, in a high risk profession, with a life-threatening illness or simply separated by miles.

The charms can be used more like a medallion or "coin" by eliminating the hole...
a great option for men.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fingerprint Mold Tips & Trivia

The fingerprint kit...

Fingerprint Charm Mold Tips:

· If the clay seems dry, roll it in a ball in between your palms to soften it. Then place it back on a flat surface and press the chosen finger in the softened clay.

· You can retry as many times as needed by rolling the clay back into a ball and repeating. The clay will not harden until it’s baked.

· To get a good print, sometimes it helps to imprint closer to the first crease of the finger as opposed to the tip.

· Please make 3 molds per order so that I have something to choose from to get the best impression.

· Once baked, write the clients name on the back of the molds & mail them back to me in a padded envelope for protection.

· If there are cracks or flaws on the mold, they will show up in the finished piece.

· Please make sure that some piece of fingerprint pattern shows up in the clay so that I can make a good charm for you.

· NOTE: You have purchased a piece of commissioned artwork. Each is a one-of-a-kind, mini-sculpture. As with fingerprints, no two will be exactly alike. The finished product is a direct result of the mold I receive from you.

· Due to the highly custom nature of this product there are no refunds, exchanges or returns based on expected finished outcome.
Please call with any questions! Pam Vale 401-265-2311

Fingerprint Trivia!

* First used by the military in 1905, the U.S. Army begins using fingerprints etched on dog tags

* 1907 U.S. Navy begins using fingerprints on dog tags

* 1908 U.S. Marine Corps begins using fingerprints on dog tags

*In may billions of human and automated comparisons, no two fingerprints have ever been found alike

*I ancient Babylon, fingerprints were used on clay tablets for business transactions

*Fingerprints remain the most commonly used forensic evidence worldwide - in most jurisdictions fingerprint examination cases match or outnumber all other forensic examination casework combined

* Fingerprints outperform DNA and all other human identification systems to identify more murderers, rapists and other serious offenders (fingerprints solve ten times more unknown suspect cases than DNA in most jurisdictions).

*Other visible human characteristics change _ fingerprints do not

* The five most common fingerprint patterns are: Whorl, radial loop, unlar loop, arch and tented arch